As a young singer, Glen opened for Randy Travis. Glen has also shared the stage with more than 50 National Acts including Joe Nichols, Jameson Rodgers, and many other well-known artists. Glen has recently been working with Bruce Allen and Jim Jordan in Nashville from Jordash Records, who signed Glen to this record label on March 14, 2022. His first national Country music release (“Writing You A Love Song”) with Jordash Records is scheduled for July, 2022. Glen is so thankful to Jordash Records for giving him this opportunity to be a Nashville Recording Artist with this Record Label.


Glen’s voice is versatile, but he loves to sing good Country music. Glen says, “some songs are just fun, some songs tell a story, and some songs change people’s lives! I am so thankful for the gift I have been given to make a difference in people’s lives through music. Whether it’s just entertaining the crowd with great music, honoring the Veterans/active service and first responders, or sharing uplifting songs for the family, the glory is to God for His grace!”


Glen has performed at hundreds of venues/events on the East Coast. He has performed for as many as 25,000 people, but he also likes to sing at small venues in up close and personal settings. Glen says, “I appreciate the people so much who have supported my music through the years! Lord willing, there will be many more to come.” 


His new songs he just recorded in Nashville, including “Writing You A Love Song” and “America Honor God,” will be available soon. During 2020 when most of his shows were canceled due to the pandemic, he had more time to write and that’s when he crafted “Writing You A Love Song.” It’s a song about a singer “trying to be somebody to everybody” while on tour, but he just can’t wait to get home to be with his wife. So, he writes her “a love song, nothing about anything wrong, just the good stuff, ain’t no time to be tough” on his way home.


“It was worth coming just to hear you sing,” said Brian Free (Brian Free & Assurance) who is one of the most awarded tenors in Southern Gospel history.  Glen has “got a big ole voice,” said Darryl Worley who has charted multiple #1 songs on Billboard Country.  “One of the best singers I have ever heard,” said Country Music Hall of Famer, Jimmy Fortune. “Where have you been,” is the most popular question people ask Glen at his shows!